The Crow has flown the coop, and they are out to murder everyone in the village. Can the village stop the Crow before they are all killed?


The Crow has to kill all of the other players to win. The other players have to identify the Crow and kill them before they are killed.

Materials Needed

  1. The cards
  2. One palm-sized object easily identifiable to all to be used as the Shield
  3. A large enough space (typically outdoors) that has enough hiding spots for all (a somewhat wooded area in a park works perfectly)
  4. 6-18 players


Instructional Video


Written Instructions

  1. Gather in a circle.
  2. Place the Shield in the center of the circle.
  3. Hand out a card to each player face down. If there are less players than cards, the custom cards and extra Villager cards should be taken out. Optionally, the Hunter and Twins cards could be taken out. But the Crow and the Seer cards must always be in play.
  4. Each player should look at their card in a manner so that no one else can see their card.
  5. Hand the cards back to one person and place them in a pile face down.
  6. Zeving It (named after the inventor of the process, Zev): one random person in the group gives the following commands: “Everyone close your eyes” (including the Zev); “Seer, open your eyes”; “Crow, raise your hand”; [pause long enough for Seer to see Crow]; “Crow, put down your hand”; “Seer, close your eyes”; “Twins, open your eyes”; “Twins, wave to one another”; [pause long enough for Twins to see one another]; “Twins, close your eyes”; “Everyone open your eyes”.
  7. The Seer now knows who the Crow is but the Crow does not know who the Seer is. The Twins now know who their twin is.
  8. Everyone should disperse in a different direction. Grouping up is not allowed, except in the case of the Twins and Villagers passing the Shield.
  9. No one living or dead is allowed to discuss with one another any information that they discover, such as who the Crow is, who has the Shield, etc. The only exception to this are the Twins who are allowed to tell one another anything they find out.
  10. No one is allowed to pick up the Shield for the first minute of play. The Crow is not allowed to kill in the first minute of play.
  11. Once a minute is up, anyone can pick up the Shield. Only the Crow is not allowed to pick up the Shield. The Shield must be passed from person to person once a minute. If someone cannot find someone else to pass the Shield to, they must put it back in the original spot it was found. The Crow *can* be passed the Shield mistakenly by one of the other players. If the Crow receives the Shield, they can hold onto it permanently.
  12. If the Crow tries to kill someone who has the Shield, the game is over, the Crow has died. For this reason, players want to try to conceal the Shield in their palm or a pocket, etc.
  13. If the Crow kills everyone, the game is over, Crow wins. The Crow kills people by tagging them and whispering, “You’re dead.” When someone dies, they should casually walk over to the circling up spot, which becomes the Graveyard for dead characters. Dead characters should *not* discuss the game or make it obvious who killed them.
  14. If the Crow kills the Seer, the game is automatically over even if others are still alive, Crow wins.
  15. The Crow is allowed to make one Zombie by killing a person and saying, “You’re dead; you’re my Zombie.”
  16. The Zombie is able to kill people on the Crow’s behalf. If the Zombie kills the Seer, the game is over. If the Zombie is killed but the Crow is still alive, the game goes on. The Crow cannot make another Zombie. The Zombie is zombified, they can no longer pick up the Shield, but like the Crow, they can be passed the Shield. If they receive the Shield, they then go and give it to the Crow.
  17. If one of the Twins becomes a Zombie, they have the option of killing their other Twin and making them a second Zombie. The Twins then act as independent Zombies for the Crow.
  18. The Seer simply knows who the Crow is and can use that to their advantage. For example, if the Seer picks up or is passed the Shield, they may go feign ignorance and try to get the Crow to tag them.
  19. The Hunter is allowed to kill one other player. If the Hunter kills the Crow, game over, the Hunter wins. If the Hunter mistakenly kills a different player, the other player and the Hunter both die. If the Hunter mistakenly kills the Seer, game over the Crow wins.
  20. It can be fun for other players to pretend to be the Crow to scare one another. This can make the game more interesting. Oftentimes, people who act the same way when they are and are not the Crow have more success in the game.


Optional Rules

  1. Custom Cards: The cards contain six custom cards. These can be used to develop your own characters to be added into the game. Simply come up with a character and add a Custom Card to the deck when choosing cards. Make sure all of the players know which custom card means which new character type.
  2. Village Idiot: One optional character suggestion is the Village Idiot. This character has no special abilities beyond a normal Villager. They pretend to be the Crow throughout the game (but to be clear, they do *not* raise their hand when Zeving It). If they are able to scare all of the other players enough that they run away from them, the Village Idiot declares victory. However, If the Crow kills them in the process, they die just like any other character.
  3. Car keys and Gasoline: Car Keys and Gasoline adds an additional feature to the game. It requires two more easily identifiable palm-sized objects like the Shield. One person not in play or who opts out of playing for the Car Keys and Gasoline takes the two objects and hides them while everyone else closes their eyes while circling up. If a player discovers either the Car Keys or the Gasoline during play, they can pick them up, but each player can only pick up a maximum of one or the other. Once they have them in their possession, they have to go around trying to find out who has the other. If the two players find each other, they have to safely get back to the meeting circle to a designated “Car” location. The two can then “drive away,” having successfully escaped the game. He rest of the game continues without them. The Crow and the Zombie(s) are also allowed to find the Car Keys and Gasoline. If they escape with another player, when they get to the car, rather than escaping, they reveal to the other player that they are dead. The Crow or Zombie then continues with the game. If the Crow and the Zombie each find them, the Car Keys and Gasoline are simply out of play until the round is over.