Murder of Crows is a somewhat cooperative, somewhat competitive murder mystery card game combined with tag.

At the start of a round, players gather in a circle and draw one card each, assigning them a role for the round. The player who draws the Crow card has to “kill” the other players. The other players have to identify the Crow and defend themselves with a “Shield.” Some of the other players also have special abilities to partner with other players, defend themselves, or kill other players as well. The Shield must be passed from player to player every minute and is only way other players can protect themselves from being murdered.

Rounds can last from roughly 3 – 20 minutes. When a round is over, the cards are reshuffled, the Shield is reset, and a new round begins with the dealing of the cards. Participants can play as many rounds as they wish. No formal score keeping is necessary. The game is adaptable and comes with extra cards for the option of building out custom rules.

Murder of Crows was created by a group of 9-14 year olds over the course of three years of play testing. The group of young people then designed their own cards and packaged them for sale so others can enjoy the game too!

Murder of Crows is now on Board Game Geek!

The game was made by Brooklyn Flying Squad Members: Anime, Barnicle, Bumpy, Doggie, Dumpo, Lord Overseer, Monkey, Muffin, Shakes Head, Shovel, and Stumpo. Card Designs by Doggie. Orignal inspiration from The Kids of Birkendene Road.